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MARINERS!.... (If televised)

Madison Pub has more High Definition TV's than any other Gay Bar in Seattle

Click here for the Shop is the official website of Major League Baseball.



SEAHAWKS! With Jeff and Jabriel

Showing every game; even the 10 am ones.

Birthday Bingo Ball Bonanza Cash Give-aways every Seahawk’s Touchdown


Seattle Sounders Football Club

Sounders! With Roland (If televised)

The Madison Pub is a Proud Sponsor of the Maulers and the Pilots!

Madison Pub Maulers

I've been playing with the softball team "Maulers" that have been sponsored by your pub for awhile now. This year we were fortunate enough to go all the way to the World Series in Milwaukee, WI. Not only were we able to go (thanks to your generous donations and help with fundraising) we made it all the way to finals! We ended our season in 2nd place in the nation, in the C Division.

This is a big thanks from all of us on the "Maulers" softball team. Thanks for being an awesome sponsor and pub. Where we can go get our pool on, and continue with our team camaraderie!

#23 Leo